21 Blackjack Rules are Unique from the Traditional Version

Cryptologic Casinos have been amongst the only few casinos, who regularly hits the world of online gambling industry with innovative and interesting games. Followed by https://usplayercasinos.com/, it's exactly what makes them one of the best online casinos in the USA, not forgetting the range of bonuses they provide for each game. Super Fun 21, also referred to as 21 Blackjack, is amongst the most popular version of Blackjack. There are different unique features of this version, including the bonus sets and 21 black rules. If you wish to play this variation, you must have an idea about the different 21 blackjack rules:

As per one of the 21 Blackjack Rules, a 52-card deck is used for this variation. As a player, you can double after splitting. In case you wish to, you will be allowed to split the pairs into three hands. As per the rules, a player is allowed to hit and double, in case of split aces. He can even double on any card count.

According to 21 Blackjack Rules, there is a scope for a late surrender as well for any number of cards.

There are vast differences between the rules of the traditional blackjack game and 21 blackjack rules. This is one of the reasons, why the payouts are different as well for 21 Blackjack. Even though they are lower than the traditional one, they still are considerably high. You even have the option of placing a bonus side bet at the beginning of every round. In case the player opts for playing such a bet, he gets one credit as a fixed amount. The best is going to make the payout only in case the player gets a blackjack in diamonds. However, split hands are not going to be considered over here.

These are some of the 21 Blackjack Rules followed at Cryptologic Casinos.